London in the Winter of 1642-43

The city is at the heart of a bitter war of words that parallels the war being fought by Royalist and Parliamentarian armies in the English countryside.

In late December 1642 the London printer John Bartlet publishes a pamphlet entitled A fuller answere to a treatise written by Doctor Ferne, entitluled The resolving of conscience upon this question by the Parliamentarian preacher Charles Herle. Of the many copies printed, only a handful survive into the twenty-first century. One of these is acquired by the University of Puget Sound’s Collins Library three hundred and seventy years after its first publication.

The Fall 2016 section of History 200: Doing History researched Herle’s little-known pamphlet with the aim of understanding it within its original historical context and creating a resource for future scholars. The four sections of this site, each created by a different group of students, provide information on the pamphlet’s intellectual and political background, print culture in seventeenth-century London, Charles’ Herle’s life and career, and Collins Library’s unique copy of the pamphlet, as well as offering suggestions for further reading.  We hope you will find the site interesting and informative!

Katherine Smith, Associate Professor of History, and the members of the Fall 2016 History 200 class: Cesare Bigolin, Hannah Cochran, Will Danton, Monica Dymerski, Nicholas Espinoza, James Fair, Max Gawin, Emily Harden, Lindsey Hunt, Arthur Jenkins, Robert Jorgensen, Julia Masur, Maddy McCombs, Wren Norwood, Tyler Randazzo, Henry Woods, Chet Selis, Sanjay Singh, and Ian Thorne.


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